25 Mar 2019

2019 - the first 3!!

Well would you like to see the first 3 months of 2019 in pictures?

Music : Fox on the run - Sweet 1974

14 Mar 2019



38 Days............

From a walk on West Kirby beach on Groundhog Day, yes it's true, to Mr and Mrs Wilkinson. 
A brief view of a 38 day journey in pictures!!

25 Jan 2019

Happy Friday Pie Day........

So looking round the United Kingdom we have Burns Night in Scotland with Burns suppers in all Scottish communities.

Meanwhile in Wales and Welsh communities it is the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentines, 
St. Dwynwen's Day.

England on the other hand it is 
Friday Pie Day!!

30 Dec 2018

2018 in a nutshellish!!

So the end of 2018 and a little vid of my pics that just scrape the surface of the year.... 
Click below
The music is a long long way from 2018!!
Barclay James Harvest - Life is for living. 1980.

14 Dec 2018


Some of my pics to do with Christmas, just click below!!
In Dulce Jubilo
Mike Oldfield.

17 Nov 2018


This is Nicki's new book - full of all new poems!!
For just £5.99 (inclusive of UK postage) or if we can get it to you without the help of the royal mail - just £5.
(PayPal accepted)

E mail : nicki.tilston@gmail.com 
find Nicki on the book of face and message her!!


My dog and me are both the same age.
Eight in dog years, last birthday.
We've reached that time in our lives,
when the aging process is well underway.

Unwanted grey hairs and white whiskers.
Creaking joints with aching bones.
Tired, sore eyes, flabby jowls,
grumpy disposition, fluctuating hormones.

Our ages will never match again.
It will only happen once in our lifetime.
When September comes along this year,
Milly's dog years will be nine.

We'll continue to grow old side by side.
Although she'll soon be older than me.
Together, we'll stroll gently in the forest.
Together, we'll walk slowly by the sea.

©nicki tilston

10 Nov 2018


In Amlwch, Anglesey the local British Legion have created a poppy cascade at the church, they have huge colourful displays with woolen poppies in all local businesses, inside the church members of the Legion are knitting the poppies and developing moving tributes and they have amazing stalls selling all things 'Remembrance' and '100 Years On'.

Amlwch is no way on its own. I laud Amlwch because that's where I was this week and able to see close up the tremendous efforts put in by the British Legion and the community so we don't ever forget the first world war in particular but every event that has seen anyone give their life for their country.

These efforts have been reciprocated all around the nation so that tomorrow each and every one of us can REMEMBER.

We must do this.... whether it is a organised Remembrance service or you choose to remember in your own way...... We must do this....

                     LEST WE FORGET.

                      LEST WE FORGET.

Please don't forget the Purple Poppy either! These are for the thousands and thousands of animals that gave their lives in times of war.

and here's is Our Milly proudly wearing her purple poppy.....