2 Oct 2017

MV Balmoral at Penmon.

When we first arrived at the South East tip of Anglesey - Penmon Point with it's spectacular 
lighthouse and view of Puffin Island, the heritage vessel, MV Balmoral was resting and apparently sheltering from a storm further down the Irish Sea.
* instead of heritage vessel allegedly you can use - vintage excursion ship. Launched in 1949 as an Isle of Wight ferry it is in service as a coastal day tripper and is on the register of historic ships.
Shortly after we arrived almost on cue for the awaiting photographers she sailed quite majestically, I thought, between Puffin Island and the lighthouse 
Then as a perfect fit in front of Puffin Island........ 

 Round the end of Anglesey and down the Menai Straits towards Beaumaris and Menai Bridge.
It could be said therefore that we were definitely in the right place at the right time!!
Love it when a plan comes together!!

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