15 Aug 2017

A little bit shippy!!

In a harbour far far away was a lonely German cruise ship...... her passengers and crew despatched across the whole of North Wales.
Holyhead is lonely if you are not a ferry, she thought!

Holyhead is very lonely when you are called Mein Schiff and you are in Wales!!

Little did she know that in the space of half an hour she would be joined by not one,

not two 

but three Irish Sea ferries!

This third one didn't really seem to be much of a ship at all - these ferries can be so funny!!

She is seen first with Ulysees,
then Ulysees and Stena Adventurer 

and then Ulysees, Stena Adventurer and Jonathan Swift!
She was so excited at not being on 
her own any more!!

As a postscript to this little story, I have to tell you that while I was taking the pics from a nearby beach I knew she was with the TUI group and German but I didn't know her name! So we went to the other side of the harbour towards the Breakwater country park and found her name was not a secret!!

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