20 Sep 2016

Mission to photograph lions on Anglesey!!

Pont Britannia or Britannia Bridge between mainland Wales and the island of Anglesey was opened in 1850. 

At the opening it was revealed that the sculptor John Thomas had sculpted two 25 foot long limestone lions at each end of the bridge to (maybe) guard the bridge!

Initially it would have been possible to view these from the main A5 road but now it is not possible to see them from the road although you can still see them from the train.
I had seen some pictures of them close up so our mission was to take the pictures of them as close as poss!!

The bridge was decorated by four large lions sculpted in limestone by John Thomas, two at either end. These were immortalised in the following Welsh rhyme by the bard John Evans (1826–1888), who was born in nearby Porthaethwy:
Pedwar llew tew
Heb ddim blew
Dau 'ochr yma
A dau 'ochr drew
Four fat lions
Without any hair
Two on this side
And two over there

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