10 Jul 2016

Portugal to win the Euros?

As the HO HO (Hop on/hop off) open topped tour bus meanders its way around the streets of Funchal and its outskirts on the beautiful sunny Portugese island of Madeira it makes four somewhat strange stops!

The first is the side of a rather grey and ugly hospital building, the second, a drive by more than a stop really at a very poor area of broken down old shacks, the third by a field which the people upstairs can see is a football field and the fourth by the large football stadium.

The Portugese are passionate and patriotic about their football.

The hospital was were Christiano Ronaldo was born, the shack were he lived in squalor and poverty, the field where he first kicked a ball and the stadium where he first played professional football.

That may explain why I want Portugal to win this evening's Euros, the fact I love his home island of Madeira more than I like France or maybe you should ask yourself if it is a reason to show you all some Madeiran pics!! 

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